Local Offer

For Parents & Carers with children with SEN

As prescribed by law, St George’s ‘local offer of support for children and young people with SEN or disabilities’ is set out below.

At St. George’s Pre-School we treat every child as a unique individual who is a valued member of our friendly community. As we are a small rural setting with only a maximum of 12 children per session, all staff will know your child well and understand their needs. We work as a team and discuss individual children’s progress on a regular basis, both formally and informally, to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for your child.

When your child starts at Pre-School there will be an induction process where you can share information about your child and their individual needs with us and we can share information about our Pre-School with you.

At St. George’s Pre-School we believe in a graduated approach to identifying and supporting children with SEN and strongly believe in early identification and targeted intervention to best help your child.

We have a highly qualified and dedicated staff who will quickly identify any additional needs your child may require. All staff have assigned key children which they focus on and make daily observations of. We are continually assessing your child at Pre-School using the EYFS Personal Pathway (a guideline for practitioners to assess your child’s progress), which we share with you periodically throughout your child’s time at Pre-School. If staff have any concerns about your child our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) would become involved and you, as parents, would be approached immediately to discuss learning plans and systems which could be put in place to help your child to learn and develop.

If you have any concerns about your own child we are always available for informal talks before or after Pre-School sessions, however we also offer pre-arranged times for you to come and discuss your concerns either with your child’s own key worker or any other member staff and/or our SENDCO . We also have designated ‘Parent Talks’ throughout the year where we talk about your child’s progress and set targets for their next steps. We offer home visits, with your consent, to enable us to meet you and your child in a familiar, relaxed and secure environment.

If a need for your child is identified your child’s key worker will work alongside our SENDCO and yourselves to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to enable the opportunity for your child to fulfil their best possible outcomes. We encourage you and your child to become fully involved with the learning programme we form together. We take into consideration your child’s views and interests to enable them to be fully engaged and enthusiastic about their own learning. Through agreed targets and learning opportunities your child will have the chance to grow and develop with support from all around them.

Our SENDCO and your child’s key worker will discuss every step of this process with you both formally and informally. We will track your child’s progress in a variety of ways including:

  • Parent talks
  • Informal and formal observations by staff
  • Parent observations written in a ‘home/setting communication’ book
  • Detailed assessment such as ECAT (Every Child a Talker) forms for communication development
  • Individual Trackers
  • Personal pathways
  • Developmental journey
  • CAF if appropriate
  • Links with other settings your child attends

From these assessments we will together create an IEP with small achievable targets relevant to your child’s needs, which will be regularly reviewed. This includes areas in Personal, Emotional and Social, Communication & Language and Physical development. This is designed to enable your child to experience success and therefore grow in confidence and ability.

As a registered Ofsted setting we have links with other appropriate outside agencies who would support you and your child at home and in Pre-School. This might include your GP, Speech & Language therapist, Link Health Visitor, Area Special Educational needs coordinator, Occupational therapist , Educational Psychologist, Social care services etc. We also hold information regarding Parent training courses and local support groups.

If specialised resources are required for your child’s specific needs our committee will be approached for financial support to help with these requirements.

If your child requires any medical support we will put in place a medical care plan which will be discussed and agreed by you.

At St. George’s Pre-School our supervisor is the trained SENDCO/ENCO. The deputy supervisor is also the previous trained SENCO/ENCO. All staff have experience in supporting children with special educational needs. If necessary we are able to seek support and advice from outside agencies, including Integrated therapy and education support services. With your permission we can seek individualised support for your child from children’s services.

As part of the IEP, activities will be planned to ensure access to as many pre-school activities to meet the needs of your child.

If outside trips are organised, you as parents, will be consulted with ample time for us to decide on the best way for your child to be included and be fully involved in all of the Pre-School life.

St. George’s Pre-School is situated in the Old School House immediately above Hinton First School, on the same site. Consequently we have excellent links with the school which makes for an easy transition into the mainstream school when your child becomes school age. During the school year we regularly join with the First School to partake in a variety of activities. We have transition days planned in throughout the summer term to help your child get to know school staff and the school environment. However, the playground and field outside learning spaces will already be well known to your child as these are shared areas. Unfortunately we have no access for wheelchairs as we have a flight of stairs to climb to gain entry to the Pre-School. It is to be noted that the First School is situated entirely on ground level and so has disabled access.

Where children have English as a second language we are able to seek advice and support to meet their needs.

We use Early Years Somerset Total Communication (STC) for all children within Pre-School which helps all children to communicate and make friends with their peers and staff. We use a visual timetable daily to ensure children’s involvement and understanding of their own learning and the day’s events. We would translate important messages appropriately and, obviously, maintain close contact with parents to help translate needs and requirements.

All resources are within easy access to the children and we have a variety of equipment to enhance your child’s sensory awareness. Inside Pre-School we have a light box, sand and water play, interactive whiteboard, malleable play area in addition to everyday play resources. Our outside learning spaces include a ‘smelly’ garden, mud kitchen, bark play area, large field and vegetable plot.

In conclusion we feel that our ‘Local Offer’ focuses on and addresses the needs of you and your child/ children within St. George’s Pre-School. We believe in a strong Parent Partnership approach and involve you and your child with every step of the SEN process.

We endeavour to create a happy, safe, learning and stimulating environment where every child can reach their fullest potential.