About Us

About St George’s Pre-school – Childcare in Somerset

St George’s Pre-school was ‘born’ in April 1988. A group of hard-working parents, members of the community and the school decided that there was a need for a pre-school in the village.

We now have a thriving, happy and friendly pre-school run by qualified staff that allows children to begin their journey into school life by learning through play and social skills and mixing with other young children. The pre-school is a committee run charity and parents are encouraged to take a full and active role.

Admissions and Fees

Our sessions are charged per hour and are in line with the Local Education Authority (LEA) funding rate. (Please ask a member of staff for the current hourly rate.) We are able to accept LEA funding where a child is eligible. Invoices are distributed each term. We also accept vouchers.

The pre-school is open during school term times from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.


St George’s Pre-school maintain a safe and stimulating environment, promoting the health and well-being of EVERYONE attending. The health and safety of everyone connected with out pre-school is important. Please see our Safety Policy, Health and Hygiene Policy and Child Protection Policy for full details. Copies of these are also held at the pre-school.


Confidentiality is of the utmost important. The request for confidentiality is extended to all members of staff, the committee and parents.

Useful Links

We are registered with, and inspected by, OFSTED. Our latest inspection report and further information regarding OFSTED can be found here: www.ofsted.org.uk.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. More information regarding this can be found here: www.foundationyears.org.uk